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Volume3 ,December 2016.

Volume3,December 2016,

Topic : Zonal Speed Control

Authors:Akhil Athawale || Kedar Kadam , Prof. S.S.Navale

Abstract:Due to amateurish execution of traffic laws, the number of accidents is on the rise. Increasing number of accidents at busy junctions is a major threat faced by today’s India. People, mostly youngsters, drive very fast; this results in damage to life and property because of momentary mistakes made while driving near busy junctions like schools/colleges, hilly areas, highways and villages. Zonal speed control is a vehicular system in which a vehicle, upon entering a certain speed zone such as a hospital or a hilly road, will automatically slow down as per the required speed. This technique will not only prevent accidents but ensure that the basic driver discipline is followed by people. In this paper, we present a system that involves controlling the speed of electric vehicles. This project is composed of three separate units: a speed code transmitter placed on the signboard, a receiver unit mounted inside the incoming vehicle, and a decoder section to decode the speed code transmitted. An astable multivibrator will transmit a certain frequency code that corresponds to the maximum speed of the zone. The infrared receiver inside the car will decode the frequency and a correspondence logic inside the microcontroller will match it to the required speed stored in an internal database. The microcontroller will direct the motor drivers to accordingly reduce the speed of the motors. This is a multicast system. All the vehicles entering the zone will receive speed control signal and will be forced to reduce the speed as per speed zone. Currently this project works for Electric Vehicles but can be adapted for Petrol/Diesel vehicles with suitable fuel injection controller electronics..

Keywords: astable multivibrator, infrared receiver, microcontroller, motor drivers, speed zone.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol2iss12pid196

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