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Volume4 ,February 2017.

Volume4,February 2017,

Topic : Brain Machine Interface

Authors:Mrs.Apurva Katre || Vinayak Rokade , Shweta Patil , Nayan Karale

Abstract:Last past decade, in India lot of peoples are control all the application by using only hand and legs. but in many developed countries laboratories have start to explore mind machine interface or brain machine interface technology as a radically new communication option for those with neuron muscular impairments that prevent them from using conventional improvement communication method. Brain machine converts neuron activity generated from brain cells into electrical signal. BMI’s provide these users with communication channels that do not depend on peripheral nerves and muscles. Current BMI’s use electroencephalographic (EEG) activity recorded at the scalp or single-unit activity recorded from within cortex to control of speed of ac or dc motor, control on and off condition of bulb, operation of wheelchair. The main element in each bran machine interface is a translation algorithm that converts electrophysiological input from the user into output that controls external devices. Brain machine interface is depends on concentration power and data interface. Current BMI’s have maximum information transfer rates of 5–30 b/min. Achievement of greater output and speed depends on improvements in signal processing, effectively interfacing, translation algorithms, and user concentration and training. This type of human efforts can be reduced by using this brain machine interface. Definition of the Problem In a brain machine interface, by using various brain activities we can control the electrical application. Brain machine interface is the direct communication between the brain and external device. We know our brain is generate voltage and brain activity .we can’t control the external device using the brain voltage but we control the external device using the different brain activity, but first upon this brain activity is converted into the proper signal and after using the signal to control the all external device. This technique is known as brain machine interface. We know the in India lots of people are handicap. They can’t do anything without hand and legs. But they have brain so using brain concentration power controls any electronic and electrical device. Also it use for different field for example industrial, commercial, domestic and educational field..

Keywords: electrical signal,wheelchair,concentration power,

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DOI: 01.1617/vol3iss2pid242

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