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Volume5 ,February 2018.

Volume5,February 2018,

Topic : Ultraviolet Radiation Protection of Human through Protection Coverings: Bamboo

Authors:Dr. Avinash Kolhatkar || Ajay Rathod

Abstract:Ultraviolet radiation is the hazardous form of radiant energy emitted from sun. The sun emits a range of energy known as the electromagnetic spectrum. The various forms of energy or radiations are classified according to its wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, more energetic radiation and more hazardous to humans. Sunlight that reaches the earth is composed of 66% Infrared light, 32% Visible light and 2% Ultraviolet light. There are three categories of UV radiations UV-A (320-400 nm), UV-B (280-320 nm) and UV-C (200-280 nm). The increasing pollution day by day makes the situation more dangerous and causes severe destructive effects on ozonosphere, which causes more ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth surface. Exposure of humans and their skin to ultraviolet radiation of different wavelengths are very hazardous and harmful to humans. As exposure to these radiations causes various skin tissues damages, which leads to several problems visible on the surface of the skin, such as early ageing of the skin, roughening, wrinkles, blotches, sagging and regular exposure for long durations even leads to skin cancer. This research elaborates the in-depth study of ultraviolet radiation and its effects and exposure to humans and specific to their skin. The study involves the study of various protection methods specifically in terms of clothing or apparel or coverings. The study uses various natural, regenerated and synthetic fibres and materials tested for protection from this hazard of ultraviolet radiation. The study reveal that, bamboo fibre or material or coverings made from its combinations protects human skin from harmful and hazardous damages caused by UV radiation, because it naturally possesses anti-UV radiation characteristics In this study samples of various weaves like plain and twill fabric were produced from bamboo, cotton, polyester and bamboo: cotton(50:50) blended yarns. The result shows that bamboo fabric has shown higher UV protection than cotton fabric of similar specification. It is also observed that twill weave exhibits higher UV protection than plain weave and used for industrial manufacturing clothing, protective clothing and coverings..

Keywords: bamboo, coverings, plain, twill, ultraviolet, protection

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss2/pid45932

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