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Volume5 ,March 2018.

Volume5,March 2018,

Topic : Performance analysis of Switch Reluctance Motor Used as a Variable Speed Drive

Authors:Ankita A. Varhade || Deepak Shahakar

Abstract:Now day’s electric motors are used in a wide range of industrial applications. What most applications have in common is the need for their motor to be as efficient as possible and to have the longest possible life while simultaneously not increasing maintenance demands or failures. The switched reluctance motor represents one of the oldest electric motor designs around. A variation on the conventional reluctance machine has been developed and is known as the “switched reluctance” machine. This development is partly due to the recent demand for variable speed drives and partly as a result of the development of power electronic drives. The name “switched reluctance”, describes the two features of the machine configuration: (a), switched, the machine must be operated in a continuous switching mode, which is the main reason for the machine development occurred, only after good power semiconductors became available; (b), reluctance, it is the true reluctance machine in the sense that both rotor and stator have variable reluctance magnetic circuits or more properly, it is a doubly salient machine.. In this paper with the help of various techniques is used as a variable speed. The main problem is higher torque ripple and acoustic noise as compared to the conventional motor. To reduce torque ripple direct instantaneous torque control method is used. Direct instantaneous torque control is the fast and accurate response. This method can generate smooth torque as well as low losses as compared indirect instantaneous torque control method. This method gives the reference value of phase torque from the desired torque with the help of torque sharing function. Hysteresis controller is used for switching signals generated from reference phase torque and estimates phase torque.

Keywords: Switch reluctance motor, DITC, TSF

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss3/pid24519

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