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Volume5 ,April 2018.

Volume5,April 2018,

Topic : A Comparative Study of the Renewable Solar Energy and Other Renewable Energy Sources Evaluation of Globalization

Authors:Reetika Gupta || Teeksha Chadha, Nikhil Kumar, Vishal Sharma

Abstract:Many industries in India are working towards increasing the performance ratio of solar power plants in large scale. To increase the utilization and development of solar energy which is an Eco-friendly atmosphere in the world? The main problem in renewable energy system is the variation in power generation from time to time due to the intermittent nature of the renewable sources. Solar penal should be given to encourage more people to explore renewable then to other renewable energy. In terms of environmental impact, solar power is a much more optimal resource than fossil fuels solar energy harnesses the power from the sun. We can take radiation in the form of light from the sun and convert it into electricity. This is typically done through photovoltaic cells, or PV cells, which are made of semi-conductive materials like silicon. When sunlight is absorbed by the PV cells, photons of light can transfer that energy to electrons, which create energy in the form of an electric current as the electrons flow through the material. Solar energy is classified as a renewable energy source since it is a source of energy that can theoretically regenerate and replenish itself indefinitely. While some argue that nuclear energy should also be classified as renewable, most agree that it is a sustainable energy source. Nuclear power supplies about 4.8% of the world’s total energy while solar power supplies less than 1.4%. Nuclear power generates around 10.6% of the electricity used around the world while solar energy supplies less than 6.3%. It looks like we have nuclear energy to thank more for the electricity flowing through our technology. The best way to compare solar energy and fossil fuels without subsidies is to examine global energy prices. Consider this: global coal prices have historically averaged $0.06 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Until the past decade, no alternative energy resource came close to rivalling that price. Fossil fuel steam averages around $0.05 cents/kWh and small-scale natural gas can go as low as $0.03 cents/kWh. It’s no wonder that the world was shocked in 2016 when a major commercial solar installation bid the lowest price for PV to date at $0.029 cents per kWh – effectively leveling the playing field between solar and fossil fuels’ cheapest offerings.


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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss4/pid56738

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