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Performance of PV Systems with Power Optimizers and Distributed Power Electronics

Author : R.Gunasekari 1 Hitesh Kumar Choudhary 2 Mubarak.S 3 Mithun.V 4 Arun.P.K 5

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: In the present day fossil fuels continue to be depleted and climate changes, a problem grows severe day by day. A photo-voltaic (PV) power generation system which uses renewable resources has been extensively used in emergency and generating facility. So overcome these problems we are proposing a new concept called sustainable energy harvesting with the help of boost converter by maximum power point tracking (MPPT) Technology in an ac distribution System by the use of bidirectional inverter. The Bidirectional Inverter input is obtained from the solar power conventional boost converter that efficiently harvests maximum energy from the solar panel. By the use of coupled inductor and switched capacitor technologies to obtain maximum voltage gain, the leakage inductor energy from the coupled inductor can be recycled. The voltage stress on active switch is reduced, which means the coupled inductor employed in combination with the voltage multiplier technique successfully accomplishes the higher voltage gain. There are various MPPT techniques among the various techniques we are chosen INC (Incremental Conductance). This will helps to improve the system efficiency by a low voltage rating and low conductance resistance. The duty ratio is modulated by the MPPT algorithm, designing and modelling of the proposed work is carried out and results are verified with the help of MATLAB/Simulink.

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