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Performance of Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Author : R.Gunasekari 1 N.H.Umashree 2 Nethravathi.J 3 Kavya Neela 4 Namratha.R 5

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: A renewable energy source is most attracting as substitute energy sources for the conservative energy sources. With growing attraction of renewable energy sources, because of ecological problem and clean electrical power generation. This is not only due to the diminishing fuel source and due to environment pollution and global warming problems. The wind energy conversion systems (WECS), interest is focused on a small unit of wind turbine to provide electricity supply in the remote areas. Small stand alone renewable based power supply systems are marketable in the remote places. Where the grid is not connected cost-effectively and electricity is not available. The wind power is the main sources of a renewable energy and maximum power can be generated during the wind variations. Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) is used with the wind turbine for power generation and it has better reliability, lower maintenance and efficiency is more. A synchronous generator is needed to extract all the power in peak power situation as high wind and to store the enough energy for periods to the renewable source is no available. The generator is committed to horizontal axis wind turbine. Excitation field is provided to the synchronous generator by the diode rectifier. By using diode rectifier and ac voltage converter into a dc voltage supplies to and boost converter. Supplies the single phase supply to the connected by an MOSFET inverter and the storage system is used to provide the supply during the low wind condition. The generator is extra-large, if the chances of without storage bank and the power also deliver to the peak load. These ensure the uncompetitive against huge power stations. This proves that larger storage banks are needed to ensure power all the time. The high power load appears for short period and storage system ensures the sufficient power. The cost of total energy including the capital cost of the power system and maintenance is huge compare to the hybrid system with battery bank is small than the conventional power supply.

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