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Performance Analysis of Conventional PI, PD, PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller using Matlab / Simulink for Industrial Applications

Author : R.Gunasekari 1 Sangamesh Mavur 2 Kishor Kumar.K 3 R. Mallikarjuna Reddy 4 Sharana Basava 5

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: Measuring the flow of liquid is a critical need in many industrial plants. The aim of this paper is to do the comparative study of Proportional Integral controller, Proportional Derivative controller, conventional PID controller and fuzzy logic controller for flowing fluids. In this paper, performance analysis of proportional derivative, conventional PID controller and fuzzy logic controller has been done by the use of MATLAB and Simulink and in the end comparison of various time domain parameter is done to prove that the fuzzy logic controller has small overshoot and fast response as compared to PID controller and PD, PI controller. PID controller is the most widely used control strategy in industry. The popularity of PID controller can be attributed partly to their robust performance and partly to their functional simplicity. In this paper, the response of the PID and PD, PI controller is oscillatory which damage the system. But the response of the fuzzy logic controller is free from these dangerous oscillations in transient period. Hence the Fuzzy logic controller is better than the conventionally used PID controller.

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