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A Review Paper on Application of Solar System in the Field of Agriculture

Author : Prof. C.W. Jadho 1 Shradhha Makade 2 Shubhangi Nagapure 3 Vaishnavi Welpulwar 4

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: India is the country of villages. This being said the major occupation of majority of villages in India is farming. There also have been changes in agricultural technology and practices with recent advancements in engineering and technology. Seed sowing is the basic operations needed to get better revenue from agriculture. Manual sowing should not give adequate spacing between row to row. Manual sowing is very time consuming process and costly. Hence, it is a necessary for appropriate seed drill for sowing seed. Indian farmer perform agriculture mostly with manual operation. The pain involved in doing each and every manual operation related to agriculture. Thus this project deals with design and fabrication of a smart seed sowing machine for Indian farmers. This Paper deals with the various sowing methods used in India for seed sowing . The comparison between the traditional sowing method and the new proposed machine which can perform a number of simultaneous operations and has number of advantages. As day by day the labor availability becomes the great concern for the farmers and labor cost is more, this machine reduces the efforts and total cost of sowing the seeds.

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