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Co-axial Stub Resonator Technique for In-Line Fingerprinting of Fluids

Author : Mrs.D.M.Dharmadhikari 1 S.N.Helambe 2

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: The co-axial stub resonator is a transmission line which can be used to detect fluid properties. For different inline process sensing applications, in the field of water quality detection, research has been done to provide an adequate theoretical description of transmission line based measurements This work described here gives details of use of coaxial stub resonator to measure the dielectric properties of fluids. . This radio frequency spectroscopy method is based on coaxial stub technique and comprises quarter wave length open ended resonators filled with a liquid sample as dielectric material between inner and outer conductor. The change in the dielectric properties of the liquid sample results in change resonance frequency and quality factor.

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