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Setup of an Arduino Based GIC Monitoring System And Study of GIC Variation at Ground Level

Author : Boyanapalli Bharath Kumar 1 Diptanu Dey 2 Sanjib Das 3 Dr. Priyanath Das 4

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: This paper deals with the setup of Arduino based monitoring system. In this paper, we calculated the amount of Geomagnetically Induced currents (GIC) in the power lines during normal conditions and during recent G1-class geomagnetic storm conditionsoccurred on November 2016. The selected site for this measurement was NIT Agartala Substation located in West Tripura, India. GIC will be induced due to the change in the magnetic field of the earth because of the geomagnetic disturbances (GMD) caused due to the solar flares. We calculated this change in the earth’s magnetic field during the normal condition and during the recent magnetic storm condition. For this calculation we used a small magnetic field sensing chip called HMC5883L. This integrated chip (IC) senses the changes in the magnetic field. Since this IC is a 3-Axis chip it gives the value of magnetic field in X, Y, Z directions. We interfaced this chip with Arduino UNO and a program was implemented to make this chip sense the magnetic field variation. The readings are noted at two different points, i.e. One point was at under power lines and another was at a distance from the power lines. The readings were taken both at normal conditions and during the storm conditions. During the storm conditions the geomagnetic field was increased upto 360 uT under the power lines compare with the measured value under the power lines during the normal conditions.The difference in the magnetic field infers the GIC induced in the power lines. In this paper, we provided the setup of an Arduino based magnetic field measurement system and the measured range of GIC in the power lines.

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