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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design of a Petrol - HHO Hybrid Fuel System for 110cc, 4-Stroke IC Engine

Author : Sanjib Das 1 Diptanu Dey 2 Bharath Kumar Boyanapalli 3 Priyanath Das 4

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: In this paper we have designed a hybrid fuel injection system that uses petrol-HHO mixture instead of pure petrol as fuel in a 3-valve, 4-stroke, 11o cc IC engine. We have designed a 120 cc electrolysis chamber consisting of copper electrodes and tested KOH, NaCl and their mixture for the optimal production of HHO and using taguchi method, we have estimated optimal molarity of KOH and NaCl. We have also used a pwm charge controller to regulate 5 volt 1 amp supply from a 12 volt battery. We have also processed the produced HHO using a silica gel based dryer and designed a safety bubbler to prevent unnecessary injection of HHO in case of blockage. We have measured the amount of produced gas and its calorific value from combustion. We also estimated the enhancement of engine performance by using this assembling. Furthermore we have compared the results by using normal tap water and medical grade distinct water and found that HHO production rate decreases rapidly with time if tap water is used instead of medical grade distinct water.

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