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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Vehicle Tracking System Using GPRS For School Bus

Author : Supriya A Salunke 1 Avinash D Harale 2 Vitthal Jagtap 3

Date of Publication :7th January 2017

Abstract: In today’s fast world, it’s necessary to get the correct information at the right time to provide fleet management and vehicle security. Any person or organization that owns a large fleet faces the problem of not knowing where each and every vehicle.Global Positioning System (GPS) is becoming widely used for tracking and monitoring vehicles. The proposed system can be use for tracking vehicle in real time using GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology. A vehicle tracking system can be enables the fleet operator to find out the location of the vehicle throughout the journey of the vehicle. The proposed system can provide GPS-GPRS based vehicle tracking system. The current position of the vehicle can be acquire by GPS device which will integrating into the target vehicle and the location coordinates can sent through GPRS, it provide by the GSM network. The GPS receiver is used to give latitude and longitude of the current location. The proposed system can be built using the microcontroller. This is the heart of the system. The GPS receiver connecting to microcontroller through the serial port and used to obtain the current location. The GPS receiver acquires the current position of the location and this information of vehicle transmits to tracking server using GPRS modem. GPRS provide TCP/IP connection with tracking server. Tracking server receives vehicle location information via network and stores this information in database. This information is available to authorized users of the system over the internet on map.The proposed systems will provide the possibility of tracking the location of vehicles at an affordable cost.

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