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A New Hybrid Multi Level Inverter with a New Switching Technique

Author : Adapala Tejasree 1 I Siva Prasad 2

Date of Publication :7th March 2017

Abstract: Multilevel inverters have been an attractive topology for academia as well as industry in the recent decade for high power and medium voltage energy control. An asymmetric multilevel inverter, a new topology increases the level of output with reduced lower order harmonics and total harmonic distortion. In this paper, a new multi-level inverter (MLI) is introduced. This paper mainly focusing on reduction of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). By adding one step voltage to the conventional MLI to increase number of levels without increasing the number of switches and to achieve minimum THD with simple switching technique called equal area criteria (EAC). By calculating switching angles at which the power switch should operate to eliminate lower order harmonics. In conventional method (symmetrical voltage sources), we need nineteen power switches to get 31-level. But in proposed MLI only eight power switches we can get up to 31-level with V1:2V1:4V1:8v1 voltage ratios and grate reduction of THD with in IEEE standards. The proposed 31-level inverter is simulated with resistive load using MATLAB/Simulink and the simulation results shown for 31-level.

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