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A Novel Pricing Based Algorithm for Intelligent and Economical Load Shedding for Conventional and Smart Grid Applications

Author : Aditya Anilkumar 1 Phalgun Madhusudan 2

Date of Publication :7th March 2017

Abstract: Intelligent load shedding, as a concept has been in vogue from the beginnings of large scale power systems. Attempts to optimise load shedding using various optimisation techniques and parameters have given several approaches to this problem with tradeoffs in speed and performance. Emphasis on the speed of computation gives sub optimal solutions and emphasis on optimal results slows computations to such an extent that real time optimal solutions are rarely possible to implement. Also, in cases of open energy markets, load shedding involves heavy costs to be borne, by the consumer, the supplier and the facilitator. This makes a live, real time economically intelligent load shedding algorithm conducive for power system operators nowadays. This paper proposes and tests, by simulation, the performance of the novel AP algorithm for economic load shedding.

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