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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Voltage Control of VSC-HVDC Transmission System for Offshore Wind Power Plant

Author : Maushmi Bankar 1 Pawan Chandrakant Tapre 2 C.Veeresh 3

Date of Publication :7th March 2017

Abstract: Wind power evolution in Northern Europe is foreseen to continue in the future with development of largescale wind power plants (WPPs) on far offshore. Integration scheme of these WPPs to the onshore grids would grow from point-to-point connection to a transnational multi-terminal network where the transmission capacity serves both to evacuate the wind power and to facilitate power trading between countries. In such a situation, application of multi-terminal VSC-HVDC transmission is considered the favorable technological solution. A control strategy which capable of accommodating different dispatch schemes is however required. This paper presents a control strategy for dispatching power in the future transnational network situation. The control strategy is developed based on the voltage margin method and is customized to comply with different dispatch schemes possibly be applied in the future transnational network. The control strategy is implemented on a multi-terminal VSC-HVDC network representing the future transnational network and its capabilities are confirmed through simulation studies for normal and abnormal operations.

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