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Power Quality in Distribution System using Automatic On-Load Tap Changer(Oltc)

Author : V.Preethi 1 N.S.Priyanka 2 M.Mahalakshmi 3 G.Priyadarshini 4

Date of Publication :19th April 2017

Abstract: This project mainly focused on distribution of quality of power. The main criteria required for all the devices is the voltage. It plays vital role in a power quality. In this project it is planned to provide a transformer with multiple taps and selecting the taps required for the moment will be automatically selected by the on-load changeover system which is operated by the controller. In this project as a project model computer acts as a controller with the aid of the Csoftware. In this project voltage transducers are used to sense the voltage and ADC to convert into digital signals. These digital signals arte interfaced with computer which in turns operates the on load tap changers. Suitable taps are selected and its drive relays are operated by the computer through opto-coupler and switching transistors

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