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Call For Paper : Vol 10, Issue 5, May 2023
Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 ac WLANS on Throughput and TXOP Sharing for MU MIMO WLANS

Author : Shaik Khaja Mohiddin 1 Hemanth C 2

Date of Publication :25th May 2017

Abstract: ver increasing proliferation of the multimedia application on wireless, LAN’S demands high-throughput transmission support from these networks which in turn necessitates efficient resource approaches. The latest standard of IEEE 802.11ac leverages several physical layer techniques including downlink (DL) multiuser transmission to provide throughput application of the multimedia applications.. In this work, we analyze the TXOP sharing mechanism, by focusing on the MAC modification and enhancements introduced in the 802.11ac amendment, to achieve efficient DL-MU-MIMO transmission. The performance of the proposed TXOP sharing mechanism is simulated using the NS3.

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