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Efficient Method for Monitoring Water Quality Parameters and Alarm System using IoT

Author : S.Varshini 1 V.Murugan 2 K.Divya Dharsany 3 R.Hemalatha 4 M.Akalya 5

Date of Publication :19th April 2017

Abstract: Due to increase in pollution, monitoring of water quality and biodiversity is very important for day to day life. Many revolutionary changes are possible in these research areas with new technologies. This monitoring process can be carried out with the help of Internet of Things. The water quality may differ from place to place depending upon the conditions prevailing in a particular area. The basic method for testing the water is to take samples of the water and test it manually to find water's pH, temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen etc. Here we propose a new methodology for measuring and monitoring water quality parameters using Raspberry pi. Here remote real time monitoring is made possible by making Raspberry pi as a web server. This system can also be used as warning system in case of over pollution

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