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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 5 2022
Benefits and Simulation of MPPT Controller for PV Systems

Author : Baskaran 1 Vanthakanna 2 Sathishkumar 3 Vignesh C 4

Date of Publication :4th July 2017

Abstract: In the paper we discuss the benefits from the use of the maximum power point tracking algorithm in the control of photovoltaic systems.We compare the advantages of the considered approach in comparison to the previous solutions like the use of pulse width modulation .It is proven in the paper that the microcontroller implementation of the proposed algorithm allows one to reduce both the energy losses and the costs related to system design, Maximum power point tracking controller is preferable than the PWM controller. To perform the MPPT operation in the system the PIC microcontroller is employed. The MPPT controller not only reduces the energy loss and also reducing the cost of laying the system.

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