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Implementation of Various Fault Detection and Monitoring System by using GSM Module

Author : Prof.M.K.Parve 1 Ms.Jyoti Dupare. 2 Mr.Akshay Humne 3 Mr.Rohit Patil 4

Date of Publication :13th March 2017

Abstract: Regular monitoring of the condition of transformer is not only economical, but also adds to increased reliability. In the past, maintenance of transformers was done based on a pre- determined schedule. With the advancement of communication technology now it is possible to receive fault information of transformer through GSM technology. This paper presents the implementation of Global Systems for Mobile Communication (GSM) in detecting fault in microcontroller based power transformer. The design was achieved with microcontroller and other integrated circuit. The microcontroller thus monitors the phases of the distribution lines from the transformer for power failure, over-voltage, under-voltage and total power outage. At fault detection, the system will automatically send a notification message to the power station management, about the conditions of the transformer, its location and the transformer site code for easy location and quick response for possible power restoration.

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