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Cutting Edge Classroom for Futuristic Students

Author : Chinmay Sanjay Agavekar 1 Shubham Ashok Chidrewar 2 Chandrakant L. Bhattar 3

Date of Publication :13th April 2017

Abstract: In this paper it mainly presents the design of hi-tech classroom which is mainly embedded with different systems. This is the place where young minds are being developed with various technologies at different schools and institution. This system is mainly based on automation, in such a way that most of the electrical equipment and switches are controlled using GSM mobile phone without any human efforts. It also includes digital board which has replaced the traditional chalk and board system, the attendance system which uses the image processing technology for monitoring attendance. The main advantage in this system is that it can be implemented in any available infrastructure without much change. The outcome of the proposed system is to build an energy efficient system which has reduced lots of human efforts.

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