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Proportional Integral Derivative controller Tuning application using Ziegler-Nichols method for Automated Plastic Packaging machine

Author : Prajakta Vinod Koratkar 1 Shashank Pansari 2

Date of Publication :4th May 2017

Abstract: As productivity is directly implied as profitability, for automation industries production lines have to be very efficient. So far, many techniques and a large variety of controllers are used to enhance and improve plant performance. In this paper, we have applied a tuning method of PID controller that is used for a heating element to reach a particular desired temperature at which plastic packaging will take place without any defect. To achieve an optimum temperature in less time, the PID controller which was initially self-tuned is modified by programming in STEP-7 and the tuning parameters were obtained by Ziegler-Nichols Method using MATLAB. Finally, the data result was implemented in an Industrial plastic packaging system study, and the procedure is explained.

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