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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 5 2022
Smart automatic energy billing with fault detection and Power unplug system using raspberry PI

Author : R.M.Bommi 1 R.Narmadha 2 S.Nirmala 3 P.Chandrakala 4

Date of Publication :21st July 2017

Abstract: Electrical power has become indispensable to human survival and progress. The proposed security system capture information and transmit it to the relevant mail by means of the internet using Raspberry pi. Apart from efforts to meet growing demand, automation in the energy distribution is also necessary to enhance people’s life standard. So there is augmented demand for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems which collect meter reading automatically, and its appliance is expanding over manufacturing, viable and service environment. Design of an Electric Energy Meter for longdistance data information regarding Electricity consumption, which is based upon IoT method is proposed in . In this work, the front end is User friendly and any employee with minimum knowledge of computers can work on this software. Employees can read the meter by sitting in their office. Some broadcast protocols in wired/wireless approach were introduced so far to examine digital meters distantly at dissimilar area of India. In this scenario the utilization of existing IoT network for metering in India will be a cost effective method for all class of people. The Digital watt hour meters are IoT based meters which replaced conventional electromechanical meters. A IoT based meter is used in this to evaluate the electricity expenditure of multiple user in a suburban area. A master PC at the control centre was used to propel commands to a remote meter, which in revolve transmitted data back, using the IoT. The programming language used for developing the software is Embedded C /Assembly.

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