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IoT Based Smart Inverter Using Raspberry Pi

Author : Megha A Joshi 1 Kavyashree S 2

Date of Publication :15th June 2017

Abstract: In this paper we are proposing for smart inverter integrating with raspberry pi which makes smart home .In this work a bi-level (Supervisory-Local) PV based micro grid configuration is proposed for low power residential applications. In the supervisory level a long-term control scheme is assigned to define the set points for local controllers. The local level is mainly formed from a set of controllers which are basically responsible to control the power electronic interfaces and converters. Within the supervisory level a dynamic price scheduling framework with load and solar energy forecasting is implemented using time series-based regression technique. In the local level, adaptive double mode controllers are developed to realize intelligent inverters with smart grid-tied (GT) capabilities and smooth transition between GT and stand-alone modes

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