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Wearable Technology Regarding Air Pollution

Author : Anmol Sancheti 1 Sreyoshee Dey 2

Date of Publication :15th June 2017

Abstract: This paper aims to study the insights about the wearable technology in the field of air pollution by investigating the current scenario and the advancements coming from past few decades and analyzing their applications. It also focuses on detecting the air quality and the amount of pollution present nearby to you and would present a current map for air pollution. Wearable technology had crossed all the barriers in the perspective of its application as well as in the domain of finding a considerable advancement of enhancing human life through it. But, somewhere it lacks in the use of its consistency and sustainability. This paper first focuses on air quality detection, current pollutants present, present technology and secondly, it deals with air filters, air pollution map guidance. This paper will also guide providing the scale of cause of death from air pollution, major factors affecting pollution and the safety measures to be acquired to get prevented from such cause. Hence we provide a portable technology for measuring fined gained air quality in real time.

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