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Control Of three Phase Inverter in Distributed Generation using PI and Fuzzy Controller

Author : Shilpa A. Chaware 1 Mr. S. S. Hadpe 2

Date of Publication :7th August 2017

Abstract: This paper presents the effective control strategy for the control of three phase PWM inverter connected to the distributed generation. This inverter is used to convert the DG output to the alternating quantity as required by the load and also to interface the DG unit to the grid. The proposed scheme uses a single controller to control the inverter in both the islanded and grid connected mode of operation. In the propose scheme the output power of the inverter is controlled in the transition stages of the given system. For that it uses the synchronous reference frame for controlling the inverter. Also the advantage of proposed strategy is that it does not require any islanding detection scheme. Finally the effectiveness of the proposes control scheme is validated in MATLAB simulation

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