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Implementation of Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Negative output Superlift Luo Converter

Author : Sam Reji Joseph 1 Sai Vighnesh P 2 Chamundeeswari V 3

Date of Publication :20th July 2017

Abstract: Standalone power systems play a vital role in developing remote units for various networks. These units require high negative DC supply voltages. One such converter known as Negative Output Superlift Luo Converter (NOSLC) is discussed in this paper. NOSLC is a high gain converter whose output increases in geometric progression. These DC-DC converters produce a lot of non-linearities due to its component characteristics while operating in the open loop mode. To meet the load demands and to overcome the non-linearities, a suitable controller should be implemented. This control approach is made feasible in this paper by integrating fuzzy technique with Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) known as FSMC. The proposed controller overcomes the phenomenon of chattering, reduces the settling time and provides good dynamic response compared to the classical SMC. Simulation studies are carried out in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The performance of fuzzy, sliding mode and FSMC are compared for NOSLC. A prototype of NOSLC with the proposed controller is implemented and the simulation results are verified experimentally

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