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A Review on Protection of Compensated Power Transmission Line

Author : Ashok Manori 1 Manoj Tripathy 2 Hari Om Gupta 3

Date of Publication :15th August 2017

Abstract: This paper presents a survey of present and past developments in the field of protection of transmission lines having FACTS devices and also suggests the best suitable solutions for the problems. In present time extra high voltage transmission lines are used to transmit large amount of power over a wide interconnected power network. Transmission lines are capable of transmitting electric power up-to its thermal limit. To utilize the full capacity of transmission line for transmission of electric power over a power network, flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) are installed in the transmission line at different locations. Presence of FACTS systems changes the transmission parameters and hence adversely affects the transmission line protection system by creating problems viz. reaching problem, zone setting, inversion (voltage and current) and resonance issues. Therefore, there is a great need to identify the wider impact of different FACTS devices on the existing protection system and simultaneously the remedies of the problems.

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