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Fuzzy based maximum power point tracking for wind energy conversion system.

Author : Dr.J.Merry Geisa 1 2

Date of Publication :1st September 2017

Abstract: Nowadays research focus is towards the variable speed wind power generation instead of fixed speed power generation. With variable speed, there will be 20-30% increase in the energy capture compared to fixed speed operation. For variable speed wind energy conversion system the maximum power point tracking(MPPT) is very important requirement in order to maximize the efficiency. This work deals with the design of maximum power point tracker using step and search algorithm with the Fuzzy logic control. It is a simple control strategy for an optimal extraction of output power from grid connected variable speed wind energy conversion system using permanent magnet synchronous generator. The maximum power from the wind turbine from cutin to rated wind velocity is extracted by the MPPT by sensing only dc link power. The fuzzy based MPPT step and search algorithm is added to the wind energy conversion system along with the DC-DC and DC-AC converters PWM controllers are simulated using MATLABSIMULINK software.

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