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Circuit Breaker trip detection and intimation via WiFi using Raspberry Pi.

Author : S.Sivasubramanian 1 2

Date of Publication :20th September 2017

Abstract: The Circuit breaker status needs to be constantly monitored for proper functioning of the power system. This can be done with the help of Wifi which sends the notifications about the current position of the circuit breaker to a mobile phone. This is achieved by constant monitoring of the voltage level from the circuit breaker. There is no need of human to computer interaction for Data transfer. The system consists of sensor types like the voltage sensor. The Raspberry Pi tool is a prime component involved in determining the breaker position. We present a general -Raspberry Pi based sensing and transmitting network which reliably determines the voltage level from the breaker with good accuracy and transfers the corresponding to a mobile phone. The implementations and experiments were tested and it was better than the previous techniques since it can notify multiple mobile devices at the same instant. Finally the device was installed in a substation and the accurate results were obtained

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