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Simultaneous Control of PMSG Based Wind Turbines for System Inertial Response and Power Oscillation Damping

Author : B.Sindhuja 1 S.Venkata Rami Reddy 2

Date of Publication :20th September 2017

Abstract: To improve the power oscillation damping capability and inertial response during transient events, this investigation is considered to be an improve active-power control for changeable-speed wind turbines. The OPPT controller, which the operating point of turbine shifts from the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) curves to the VIC curves according to the frequencydeviation, it emits the “hidden” kinetic energy and offer dynamic-frequency support toward the electrical grid. The proposed system was modeled and simulated in MATLAB/Simulink environment. At this point fuzzy logic is used for controlling and comparing with PI controller, it simultaneously provide the dynamic frequency support and injects the maximum-power to electrical- grid..

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