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Islanding Detection and Resynchronization Mode For Microgrid With UPQC Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Author : B.Vineela 1 T.Obulesu 2

Date of Publication :14th September 2017

Abstract: A novel presentation of unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) is used for developing the dynamic performance of grid connected DG based microgrid/microgeneration (μG) system as a custom power device has been presented here. UPQC is an arrangement of two series and shunt inverters coupled side to side with the sharing of DC storage link Capacitor. Series inverter is positioned between the point of common coupling (PCC) and source for minimizes the source side interruptions: flicker voltage swell/sag, voltage unbalances by inserting voltages to attain preferred load level at before the PCC. Shunt inverter is positioned at the PCC for minimizes the reactive power and harmonic troubles. This proposed system represents the working of UPQCμG−IR in both islanding and reconnection mode of process for developing the power quality. This UPQCμG−IR can even work in the incident of phase variation between grid and microgrid. The process of UPQC μG−IR in normal and interruption methods are shown in MATLAB/SIMULINK.

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