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Controlling Of Transformer-less UPFC With Cascaded Multilevel Inverter

Author : S Vijay Kumar 1 Pagidela Yamuna 2

Date of Publication :7th September 2017

Abstract: The traditional UPFC that exists two back-to-back inverters bulky and more complicated zig-zag transformers for isolation and reaching high power/voltage rating. To overcome this difficulty, two zig-zag transformers are completely eliminated, in this place two cascaded multilevel inverter are proposed. The unique configuration and control of two CMI's as power flow controller lead to possible independently control active and reactive power over transmission line. The proposed configuration has unique features and several advantages over the traditional configuration such as reduction of cost, transformer-less, high efficiency, lightweight, fast dynamic response and more reliability. A simulation model is built to represent the operating of proposed transformerless UPFC

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