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Power Quality Enhancement in Power System using STATCOM by Fuzzy Logic Controller Technique

Author : Gaddam Narahari 1 B.Jagadeesh 2

Date of Publication :7th September 2017

Abstract: This paper exhibits another multilevel specific consonant disposal beat width tweak (MSHE-PWM) system based transformer-less Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) system utilizing cascaded H-bridge inverter (CHI) setup. The MSHE-PWM strategy improves both the DC voltage levels and the switching angles, empowering more harmonics to be wiped out without influencing the structure of the inverter circuit. The strategy gives consistent switching angles and direct example of DC voltage levels over the balance list extend. This in turns wipes out the monotonous strides required for controlling the disconnected ascertained exchanging points and in this way, facilitating the usage of the MSHE-PWM for dynamic frameworks. In spite of the fact that the strategy depends on the accessibility of the variable DC voltage levels which can be acquired by different topologies, in any case, the quick development and advancement in the field of energy semiconductor gadgets prompted deliver high proficiency DC-DC converters with a generally high voltage limit and for simplicity, a buck DC-DC converter is considered and also Fuzzy Logic Controller is used in this paper. Current and voltage shut circle controllers are executed for both the STATCOM and the buck converter to take care of the reactive power demand at various stacking conditions. and also Fuzzy Logic Controller technique is used in this paper, then the MSHE-PWM technique and Fuzzy Logic Controller technique these two comparing the outputs of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) will reduces the THD values of voltages and currents. The adequacy and the hypothetical investigation of the approach are checked through both reenactment and test contemplates.

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