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Performance Improvement of Voltage Controlled D-Statcom with Design of External Inductor Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Author : C.Ramanjaneyulu 1 S.Hussain vali 2

Date of Publication :14th September 2017

Abstract: This work provides a comprehensive study of design, operation, and flexible control of a D-STATCOM operating in voltage control mode. A detailed analysis of the voltage regulation ability of D-STATCOM under different feeder impedances has been analyzed. For load voltage regulation, a D-STATCOM is used and its operation mainly depends upon nature of the feeder impedance. The procedure to design a value of external inductor has been presented in this work. A dynamic reference load voltage generation scheme is developed to compensate reactive power which not only allows D-STATCOM during normal operation, but also providing voltage profile during disturbances. The Fuzzy Logic Controller(FLC) is the most popular for the human decisionmaking mechanism, providing the operation of an electronic system with decisions of experts. When it is used for a nonlinear system which not only reduces uncertain effects in the system control but also improves the system efficiency by reducing THD. The results have been carried out in MATLAB/SIMULINK

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