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Power Quality Conditioner Functionality by Using a Single Phase Voltage Controlled Grid Connected Photovoltaic System

Author : Ravi Kumar Uppara 1 Vimala kumar .K 2

Date of Publication :20th September 2017

Abstract: The voltage sags are minimized by using voltage controlled converter, this voltage converter acts as a shunt controller. The voltage quality is improved by using the shunt controller for the small voltage droops for nonlinear loads. For the improvement of voltage profile and un -fluctuating voltage in the power system by using the static var generator, this is nothing but shunt controller, and to minimizing current harmonics and unbalanced load currents. In existing method a single phase PV system that provides voltage support to the grid and minimization of harmonic distortion by using repetitive controller. The PV inverter not only producing the power but also manages the voltage profile by the PV panels in the presence of repetitive controller. Here, the harmonics of current and voltage are selected and minimize by using the repetitive controller. The PV system contributes voltage support to grid at fundamental frequency and compensation of harmonic distortion. By using MPPT algorithm based on incremental conduction method the voltage generated by the PV modules and takes high amount of voltage from the panels .The simulation results validate by using MATLAB software

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