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Analysis of fuzzy logic controller based dual voltage source inverter to compensate unbalanced and nonlinear loads

Author : M. Sreelekha 1 K. Ravi Sankar 2

Date of Publication :12th September 2017

Abstract: This paper describes Fuzzy logic controller dual voltage source inverter (DVSI) to enhance the reliability and power quality of microgrid system. The reference currents for this scheme are produced by using ISCT (Instantaneous symmetrical component theory).ISCT makes DVSI to operate in grid injecting and grid sharing modes. This scheme makes the microgrid to exchange power generated by Distribution Energy Resources (DERs) and also to compensate the local unbalanced nonlinear loads. Fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is used in this proposed scheme instead of PI controller for the better quality of power. This proposed system topology is modeled and simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.

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