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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Active and Reactive Power Control of Three Phase Grid Connected System with Proportional-Resonant Controller by using SVPWM Technique

Author : Peddinti Raja 1 2

Date of Publication :1st October 2017

Abstract: This paper presents detailed analysis of operation and design of Proportional resonant (PR) controller by using SVPWM technique. On the basis of LCL filter, double-loop current control scheme with the proportional-resonant method is simulated. The proposed control method can reduce the steady-state error of the current, and eliminate the impact of the grid frequency offset on the net current, and the system oscillation caused by the resonance frequency can be decreased, too. Therefore, the stability and robustness of the grid-connected system are improved Under Unbalanced conditions Active and Reactive power are controlled and regulated by current –loop on stationary reference frame by using PR controller along SVPWM, and results are used to provide a comparison between the different control strategies. The analysis is performed on a traditional three-phase voltage source inverter, used as a simple and comprehensive reference frame. Among the conclusions are the feasibility and great potential of PR particularly for power systems with a reduced number of switching states. In addition, the possibility to address different or additional control objectives easily in a single cost function enables a simple, flexible, and improved performance controller for power-conversion .The operation and performance parameters are compared for two models under unbalanced conditions. The study was done by simulating the system on Mat lab for 3KW grid connected system .Finally, both simulation and experimental results are presented in conclusion.

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