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Enhancing the Performance of DSTATCOM in VCM By Designing a Foreign Inductor

Author : Pujari Pavaneshwar 1 Dr.V.C.Veera Reddy 2

Date of Publication :28th September 2017

Abstract: This paper gives an exhaustive investigation of operation, design and multifunctional control strategy of a Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM) working in voltage control mode (VCM). The dynamic reference load voltage production plan is created as an internal part of the control strategy which enables it to adjust load reactive power in nominal operation, with association provides voltage support during unsettling influences. Additionally an investigation of the voltage regulation capacity of it under different feeder impedances (resistive, inductive) and its nature (strong, weak) is exhibited. This investigation spotlights the limited regulation capability of it in resistive and strong feeder. Also, a design methodology to figure out the estimation of foreign inductor (external to the system) utilized for enhancing the regulation capability of it is exhibited. It is then utilized for load voltage control to exhibit the performance.

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