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Novel Analysis on Placement of Energy Storage Systems in Power Systems with Wind Integration

Author : B.Nageswara 1 C.Prasanna Kumari 2

Date of Publication :1st September 2017

Abstract: This paper examines the problems posed by wind integration for power system operation. For example this kind of energy source is practically flexible and unstable. The establishment of this in exhaustible source might require the grid to transmit power at full capacity and some transmission lines could wind increasing noticeably congested. Accordingly, some working conditions, wind power could be curtailed (spilled or minimized) which will drive up expenses for system administrators. One of the activities that can be taken to support the incorporation of wind is utilizing energy storage systems (ESSs). For this purpose particle swarm optimization (PSO) power flow problem with energy storage systems is implemented and sets of candidate buses for energy storage systems installation are recognized based on financial criterion to minimize the cost. Tests are performed on IEEE 14-bus and IEEE 118-bus systems to evaluate the robustness of storage location on system operation.

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