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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Introduction to Solar Wind Hybrid Energy Systems

Author : Mergu Chandramouly 1 Dr. A. Raghuram 2

Date of Publication :13th December 2017

Abstract: This paper presents the applications and the effective use of Solar Wind Hybrid Energy systems (SWHES). The future of Energy generation depends on Solar Energy, as it the most abundant natural source of energy. Conventional power generation is going to become a difficult task in the future; it is due to the non-availability of coal. The increased per unit generation cost in the thermal power plant. The transmission power loss is also one reason. Pollutants released from the conventional power generation will affect the environment. To overcome these difficulties in future we have to depend on solar power generation. It is the clean source of energy and it can transform to any source of energy with no effect on the environment. To get continuous power supply we should operate wind and solar power plants together as a single unit. By this combined mode of operation, the overall efficiency of the system increases. The combined power generation will give the continuity power supply for household applications with the battery as a storage element. SWHES are more reliable to small power application. This configuration also reduces the load on the conventional power generating system with no effect on the environment.

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