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Implementation of Solar based Electric Vehicle

Author : Shivakumar S Y 1 Dr. Raghavendra Joshi 2

Date of Publication :30th November 2017

Abstract: This paper discusses the detailed design aspects and modelling of a magnetostrictive actuator contained coaxial coils surrounding the Terfenol-D rod. Experiments were conducted on this actuator by varying step input under zero pre-stress and pre-stress conditions. The results indicate a better performance of the actuator at each point of excitation when step input is biased to coil 1 instead of varying the step input equally to coaxial coils. The calculation of the magnetic field strength from the actuator coils considers inductance of driving coils. Energy based Jiles-Atherton model is used to predict the magnetization and the quadratic magnetostriction model is improved by considering the quality factor in addition to other parameters that affect the output of an actuator. The output, displacement of Terfenol-D rod, obtained with the proposed magnetostriction model was found to have an average deviation of 6 % with respect to experimental results.

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