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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
PLC Based Adaptive Headlight Beam Assisting System

Author : Malini K.V 1 Rakshith kumar Naik 2 Mithun.V 3 Vijay kumar M G 4 Kishor Kumar K 5

Date of Publication :30th November 2017

Abstract: The headlight of vehicle poses a great danger during night driving. Drivers use automatic headlight mode so high beam and low beam switching take place based on the oncoming vehicle. Even though accidents are happening at highway during night travel because of high beam Glaring effect and low beam improper vision. When opposite vehicle crosses for a while at dark night situation like hilly road, curve road, rainy, foggy situation driver hit the obstacle, another vehicle and even pedestrian. Present headlamp mechanism uses microprocessor/microcontroller/mini computer controlled Camera-based image processing, titling of headlamp, matrix headlamp system. These mechanisms of control is costly and each functionality of car (tilting of headlamp, collision avoidance, security feature etc.)Require individual embedded system and So project depicts explore of concept PLC based Adaptive headlight beam assisting system which clearly depicts usage of PLC can be used for controlling one of the functionality of car(adaptive headlight). So further multiple features of the vehicle are controlled by single PLC beside using an individual embedded system.

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