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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Power Flow Control in Hybrid Power System Using Modern Control Technique

Author : Saipriya M 1 Jayasudha L 2 Kavya K 3 Legeswaran V 4 R.Gunasekari 5

Date of Publication :30th November 2017

Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to make the combination of grid interfacing inverters and 3-phase 4-wired linear/non-linear unbalanced loads at the point of coupling to appear as a balanced linear load to the grid. This new control concept is demonstrated with extensive Fuzzy based logic studies. The structure of the designed controller consists of outer power with harmonic control loop, middle voltage control loop and inner current control power loop for real and reactive power control in dq reference frame.The developed controller controls the real and reactive power supplied by the DG (Distributed Generation) at the PCC (Power Controlled Converter). The controller is designed to deliver current at unity power factor at PCC. An increase in reactive power demand and harmonics at PCC due to change of load and grid impedance variation would affect the system voltage at PCC. A five-level inverter is used as a shunt active power filter (APF), taking advantages of the multilevel inverter such as low harmonic distortion and reduced switching losses. It is used to compensate reactive power and eliminate harmonics drawn from a thyristor rectifier feeding an inductive load (RL) under distorted voltage conditions. The APF control strategy is based on the use of self-tuning filters (STF) for reference current generation and a fuzzy logic current controller. The use of STF instead of classical extraction filters allows extracting directly the voltage and current fundamental components in the α-β axis without phase locked loop (PLL). The MATLAB fuzzy logic toolbox is used for implementing the fuzzy logic control algorithm

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