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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design and Implementation of Seven-level Energy Stored Quasi Z-Source Cascaded Multilevel Inverter For PV systems Using Fuzzy logic controller

Author : D. Umamahewari 1 V.Sekhar 2 Malini 3

Date of Publication :30th November 2017

Abstract: This Paper represents PV based seven-level Quasi Z source inverter (QZSI). PV is mathematically modelled along with maximum power point tracking (MPPT).The quasi-Z-source cascade multilevel inverter (qZS-CMI) presents many advantages over conventional CMI when applied in photovoltaic (PV) power systems. For example, the qZS-CMI provides the balanced dc-link voltage and voltage boost ability, saves one-third modules, etc. However, the qZS-CMI still cannot overcome the intermittent and stochastic fluctuation of solar power injected into the grid. This paper proposes an energy stored qZS-CMI-based PV power generation system. The system combines the QZS-CMI and energy storage by adding an energy stored battery in each module to balance the stochastic fluctuations of PV power. This paper also proposes a control scheme using Fuzzy logic for the energy stored qZS-CMI-based PV system. The proposed system can achieve the distributed maximum power point track for PV panels, balance the power between different modules, and provide the desired power to the grid. The method of controller parameters is disclosed, Simulations of the circuit have been executed in MATLAB/Simulink and the results were verified using the fuzzy logic controller.

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