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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Automated Energy Saving System Based On Intelligent Control System

Author : Devaraj S M 1 Pradeeshan. K 2 Mallikarjun Reddy 3 Mohammed Abreeth M 4 Vennila D A 5

Date of Publication :15th November 2017

Abstract: To fulfill the energy demand of day to day life an automatic control system is designed based on Programmable logic controller and frequency converter in the central air-conditioning energy saving system in new applications, based on the water cooling, cooling, air conditioning cooling tower fan system intelligent transformation, realize the conversion of energy, as the basic ideas and goals, through the optimization of the traditional PID technology. The refrigeration system, the new system in adjusting parameters and frequency temperature more convenient, and analyzes the significance and value of the new system in the practical application through specific case

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