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Hybrid Electric Vehicles: An Art Review

Author : Saima Yaqub 1 Farhad Ilahi Bakhsh 2

Date of Publication :24th January 2018

Abstract: This paper gives the overview of work done by various scientists on the hybrid vehicle. Here the illustration is given as which methodology they used while working on it. Various new practices were introduced to get the better results. Most of the scientists which worked on this project were keen to overcome the drawbacks of previous ones. In this paper, the nutshell of 25 research papers is given. For every paper, a brief review is given which highlight the main strategies used in that particular work. The main focus of almost every scientist was to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels which are likely to get extinct thereby increasing fuel economy. In critical situations, we need storage so HEV also provides storage in terms of battery. As we all are aware of fact that pollution is caused by fossil fuel based vehicles like diesel vehicles, petroleum vehicles etc. so HEV is one of the best solutions to overcome this effect. The scientist has taken every effort to improve the quality of HEVs to serve the people with better advancement and also to make it eco-friendly without disturbing the quality of atmosphere. There are different types of HEVs present and work is done upon them to improvise their quality so that they could serve better. Various types of HEVs and the methods and strategies applied to them is given in this paper.

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