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Remote Control of Home Appliances via Bluetooth and Android Smart Phones

Author : Roda Vishal 1 B.Rakesh 2 E.Jyothi 3 R.Ranjith 4

Date of Publication :21st February 2018

Abstract: With everyone being on the move in a fast paced World, technologies have been increasing rapidly.this work is regarding a student-designed project allowing users to be able to control multiple appliances remotely from the Single mobile device. This project involves the use of Bluetooth Communication and the Arduino Uno Rev 3 Microcontrollers. The whole idea is to design an app on an Android cell phone to control home appliance remotely such as lights and fans Using AC power. Although there are commercially available products on the market that implement the control of multiple Applications with a single device, this project is a teaching Point for students to build their own communication networks, create Android phone apps, and practice electrical operation of circuits.

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