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Home Automation with MATLAB and ARDUINO Interface

Author : Singam Sridhar 1 S Preethi 2 Ch. Sampath 3 [MD Azmath Ali 4

Date of Publication :21st February 2018

Abstract: Home automation trade has drawn the goodish attention of researchers for quite a decade. The main plan is to mechanically management and monitor electrical and electronic home appliances. Consistent with the marketing research firm ABI regarding 4 million home automation systems were subscribed globally in 2013.An equivalent firm additionally calculable that regarding 90 million homes would use home automation system by the top of 2017, many industrial and analysis versions of the home automation system are introduced and designed. A good home system has captured many technologies. The main aim of this paper is to propose a system which demonstrates interfacing between MATLAB and Arduino board for household equipment monitoring and control. In the proposed system, Arduino board is interfaced with MATLAB using serial communication to control home appliances. Image acquisition device is interfaced to MATLAB that will continuously show the status of household equipments on Graphical User Interface [GUI] designed in MATLAB. Proper commanding is done from MATLAB GUI, household equipments can be turned ON or OFF which are interfaced to Arduino through relay board.

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